Boris Johnson has made a mess of it

A reader discusses Boris Johnson.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson
Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Keith Jones’ letters always seem to be filled with a puppy-like devotion to Boris Johnson.

His latest offering, with its marked lack of enthusiasm for any inquiry into Johnson’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic (April 17), inspires mirthless laughter.

Jones credits the Government, rather than health workers, with the roll-out of the vaccine.

So, let’s start by having a look at an island nation which is showing no great urgency in vaccinating its people. New Zealand has had a total of 26 deaths from coronavirus. Taking into account the difference in population, we might have expected a figure of about 325-350 in this country.

In fact, the figure for UK deaths, on the Government’s own figures, is around 127,000. No obvious demographic reason accounts for the discrepancy. The myth of the bucolic Kiwi enjoying an unusually close relationship with his sheep is just that – a myth. New Zealanders are slightly more likely than Britons to live in an urban area.

The Johnson regime has made a mess of dealing with the pandemic from the start – a catalogue of disasters: decanting elderly patients into old people’s homes, contracts for mates with no relevant experience, “eat out to die out”, the Christmas relaxation and the predictable new year lockdown.

Alan Harrison, Walsall

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