LETTER: William gives us hopes for stability

A reader discusses the Royal Family.

The Duke of Cambridge
The Duke of Cambridge

Being a member of the royal family gives you a lot of advantages in life, it also means you have to conduct your life in a certain way.

In the last century King Edward VIII abdicated giving reasons that included his love for Wallis Simpson. Of course the majority of the country did not support his actions and instead of playing an important role in the upcoming war he was to a great extent irrelevant.

Harry has of course said quite a few things regarding his decision to leave the “firm”. Like his relative who abdicated, Harry has decided to let the royal family down and the citizens of our country. If you compare the two people then Edward as king caused a greater problem for the royal family and the establishment. Both men were raised knowing that the royal family depended upon them to carry out the roles they were born into, both of them put themselves before duty to the crown and duty to the citizens of this island.

I think it would be wrong to blame Wallis or Meghan for the decisions these men made. Harry and Edward chose their paths and they should be regarded as the people who made those choices. There will be a lot said regarding Meghan’s role in Harry’s decision but whatever anybody thinks of Meghan, I believe Harry had to make his choices and like Edward he chose what he wanted to do instead of what he was raised to do.

Our Queen has behaved magnificently all through her reign, she has been one of the constant and reliable figures in our lives. I believe a constitutional monarchy is a good thing for our country, William and Kate along with their children gives us hope of stability in the years ahead.

John Green, Sedgley

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