LETTER: See the positives from leaving EU

A reader discusses Brexit.


In reply to Roger Watts’ letter on February 1. First of all, I think the same as June Bottomer. I am also fed up with your letters about Brexit and our Government. I’ll ask you again, could you do any better? I would rather read about Nigel Farage than what you write. I do not accept that we were on our knees before we went into the EU.

I have asked in the past, who would you like to run our country? You have not said. I think you must have a very good crystal ball as you seem to know about everything going on. Why don’t you say how slow the EU was with vaccinations? It’s very early days in leaving the EU so there are going to be hiccups. You are very much like Donald Trump, a very poor loser. Why can you not accept we lost Brexit? I don’t think that we will be broken up in leaving the EU, let alone become poorer. I bet you at a party is a scream! If you would please write about something else for all our sakes.

Why don’t you start to criticise your wonderful EU? Like I said they were very slow starting and organising the vaccination process. I think our Government have done a very good job for us in that respect.I think that you don’t want leavers to be successful. Before Covid, we were starting to improve with jobs and income so why can you not at least try and be a bit more pleased? I can not understand why. It is a good job you were not writing letters during the war because with your attitude we would have lost.

G F Stanford, Stourbridge

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