LETTER: Climate could be improved for all

A reader discusses environmentalism.

The Government have sanctioned the development of a new coal mine in Cumbria and it seems it's not been a popular decision for a lot of organisations.

The Prime Minister has declared his commitment to making Great Britain's entire electricity network net zero carbon by the year 2050. In order to be able to achieve that target vast numbers of wind turbines will be needed and what are they made from? Steel.

Currently the UK imports a majority of coal which is one of the key ingredients in making steel from Russia and Australia and also huge amounts of steel is imported from China. Surely it would be a win win situation if coal was mined in the U.K. to make the steel needed

for turbines.

To the environmentalists coal is a dirty four letter word but with today's technology mining coal here in Great Britain shouldn't have an impact on the environment in fact by not importing the commodities from the other side of the world it could improve the climate for everyone.

Jack Wood, Cannock

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