LETTER: Some views on our place in Europe

A reader discusses Europe.

File photo dated 28/01/19 of an Union Jack and European Union flags flown outside the Houses of Parliament
File photo dated 28/01/19 of an Union Jack and European Union flags flown outside the Houses of Parliament

Some facts and personal opinions of Great Britain’s place in Europe, and the whole world. By fair means or foul, our country ruled over a quarter of the countries in the world. It was the British Empire. All these countries got their freedom, and are now voluntary members of the British Commonwealth; Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Canada, South Africa, and a host of smaller countries. We do not rule them, and tell them what to do. America used to be, but with some help from the French, fought for its freedom and stood on its own. 50 years later the USA took over the ex British colony of the Sandwich islands, and renamed it Hawaii. The 50th state.

If only we had got a pact with Japan in those days! Remember Pearl Harbour?? US President Herbert Hoover drew up plans to attack British colonies and Great Britain, even building two airports on the Canadian border as its target. Goo job Donald Trump is not still in power, as I judge him a loose cannon.

Belatedly, the Americans came into the second world war to free conquered France, using British airfields etc. For this purpose, Great Britain was damaged more than France. Many years before all of this Napoleon set out to conquer Europe with the help of a country that is now part of Germany. The British and a freezing cold, Russian winter stopped him dead.

It now looks like a new Napoleon type French leader, who appears to speak for the whole of Europe is on the scene. This country has no Winston Churchill this time. The country surrounded by the most European countries is Switzerland. Is this in the EU? What is its currency?

One good thing about us being in the EU is that we would be safer from invasion by America. I wonder what the French President’s intentions are for us?

Graham Griffiths, Bilbrook

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