LETTER: PM incapable of coming up with an achievable plan

A reader discusses Boris Johnson.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson
Prime Minister Boris Johnson

I bought a DVD, A Christmas Carol starring George C. Scott, it cost me a fiver. What came on the TV the following morning? Yes that very film; BAH HUMBUG!

While I am Bah Humbugging I might as well have a go at the Prime Minister Brexit lovers have lumbered me with. I wanted a Prime Minister with clear and honest views, and plans that he had the ability to deliver. What have I got? Someone with the following gas and gaiters hot air.

As Mayor of London he promised to eradicate rough sleeping, it went up by 130 per cent. He promised to increase the number of police officers by 1,000, they went down by 1,000. He promised to keep all underground ticket offices open, they were all closed. He promised to negotiate a no-strike deal with the tube unions, he then refused to meet them. He promised to tackle congestion in London, it went up by 38 per cent at peak times. He promised not to reduce the fire service but shut 10 fire stations and reduced number of fire engines by 27.

As PM he has promised to increase police numbers by 20,000 by March 2023. Should have been easy as the Tories had reduced them by 20,000. Currently we have been adding 3,000 a year so in the unlikely event that rate continues it will be 2026 before we are back to essential levels.

On the steps of Downing Street he promised to fix the crisis in social care once and for all with a clear plan. I haven't seen a murky plan yet. Nine to 10 months ago he said that Covid would be fading within 12 weeks, we have had 60,000 deaths and 99 per cent of the country is in areas deemed at high to very high risk.

He said that new antibody tests would be a game changer with his moonshot plan for rapid testing; it fizzled and fell over on take off.He has promised mass testing; I don't know anyone who has been tested. He promised a world- beating test and trace system; only world beating by being one of the world's worst.


And what of Brexit that we were told would be a success even with a no-deal. So wrong was this promise he is desperately scrabbling about to remain in ultra close contact with the EU.

He is quite unable of constructing a clear, achievable plan and I am unhappy that I and my children and grandchildren have been lumbered with him.


Roger Watts, Walsall

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