LETTER: Are they really putting our nation’s interests first?

A reader discusses UK politics.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson
Prime Minister Boris Johnson

It is deeply upsetting that the majority of the British public believe the political storylines that speak to the worst aspects of peoples’ personalities.

Brexit was sold as a return to an imperial superpower past with an emphasis on our heritage and exceptionalism, ignoring our interdependency and commonalities with people from other countries.

These myths about our country are delivered by great deceivers who by their own actions are far from self-deluded. So, extreme Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg MP moves his own UK investments to Dublin in order to protect them from the hard Brexit that he is promoting for the rest of us. This is true for many of the two-faced business Brexit warriors like James Dyson, moving his HQ to Singapore, and recently the billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe, moving his Land-Rover look-alike production plant to France, after telling Sun readers “We believe that Britain can produce something as reliable as Germany or Japan if we do it well”.

Another great deception, as with Trump’s populism, is that these Brexiteers in government and in business, are patriots as in ‘Making Britain Great again’ because an economy in crisis is where these vultures really make money.

A desperate populous does not look too carefully at such practices. In crisis situations we are just grateful, as demonstrated during the Covid pandemic where these elites (selflessly) made billions selling apparently shoddy health services and goods such as ill-fitting and shoddy PPE to a nation in shock.

Mark my words it will be those that have been in the driving seat of Brexit that will gorge themselves off the bones of a dessicated post-Brexit economy, whilst destitution (up to two million) and poverty (up to 4.7 million by 2022) engulfs the lives of millions of their duped supporters.

Patrick McCarthy, Telford & Wrekin Green Party Co-ordinator

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