LETTER: What will happen in the future to BoJo?

A reader discusses Boris Johnson.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson
Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Will BoJo survive after Cummings departs? Say what you will about this egotistical spider at the centre of the Number 10 web but you have to admit, he’s not half bad at his job.

BoJo is there to give the impression that he’s on the one hand, the new Churchill (no chance Boris) and on the other he thinks it’s all a bit of a lark. Meanwhile Dom does all the dirty work and in fact takes the brickbats aimed at the PM.

Let’s imagine two scenarios: 1. There is both a 'no deal' on Brexit and Covid is raging next year. For months there will be chaos due to the former until belatedly the government gets to grips. As to the latter, Boris will be accused of being responsible for more deaths (he isn’t but that’s the way it will be).

2. All’s well that ends well and we get a ‘bostin’ deal from the EU and millions of successful vaccines are available.

Under No.1, would Boris want to continue and under No.2 would he cash in his gambling chips whilst still ahead and become the legendary leader that saved Britain?

Anyone else get the feeling that perhaps Boris might want to have a go at trying his unsteady hand at something else?

Alan M Etheridge, Dudley

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