LETTER: Surprised by how the pandemic has been tackled

A reader discusses the UK's response to coronavirus.

NHS Nightingale Hospital Yorkshire and the Humber in Harrogate.
NHS Nightingale Hospital Yorkshire and the Humber in Harrogate.

Ever since the start of this pandemic I have been very surprised by how the problem with the virus has been tackled.

Those with coronavirus have been sent into our general hospitals, was this the right way to tackle our problem?

Just after the second world war we had a problem with the disease tuberculosis (TB) in order to control it we placed those infected in units where they were isolated (Isolation Hospitals) from the general public. As a result of this the ailment was eradicated.

Way back in March/April of this year I expected this philosophy to be followed. Those Nightingale Hospitals would have served this purpose well.

In these, two streams could have been set up, one for those showing recovery who would be prepared for release having been somewhat cured (not able to pass the disease on) the others unfortunately towards more intense treatment even towards intensive care.

Later, when on the road to recovery, they could join the first group for their way home. This would be a complete isolation unit to keep the medical problem constrained.

Track and Trace is costly in both time and manpower (excuse the word manpower, I include all). It also relies upon the population being intelligent and using it for the benefit of us all, together with personally isolating one’s self.

Our general hospitals could then have been carrying on with treating the normal patient cohort.

Those with health problems I know feel let down during this year.

Those citizens with cancer, as well as heart and other medical needs, still need treatment and regular check-ups.

It is important these patients have some help for their mental as well as physical needs.

Anyone with a medical problem will be more vulnerable both in body and mind they need to be kept away from any possible contamination.

I am sure those with medical problems would have realised the service was reduced but been happy that someone was on their case.

The wheel is an old idea but we have modified that to suit our present day needs.

D Winterborn, Brierley Hill

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