LETTER: These attackers need to feel full force of the law

A reader calls for stronger sentencing for those who attack paramedics.


Paramedics and ambulance drivers are being viciously attacked and verbally abused daily while they are constantly working to save so many lives in this country.

Between January and July 2020 there have been 1,604 physical assaults, 149 sexual assaults and 97 involving weapons such as firearms, knives, stun guns, baseball bats and sledge hammers used on paramedics and ambulance drivers and these attacks are rising.

But why is this? What makes these people tick?

Paramedics, ambulance drivers, doctors and nurses who do an excellent job for this country are the very people that we rely on so much when we need help such as a heart attack, a stroke, and car accident and at the moment the terrible virus.

So why do we see these fools constantly attack our emergency services? I’m sure if these idiots had a problem they would be the first in the queue for their help. Paramedics, doctors and nurses in this country have dedicated their lives to saving others and this country thanks them.

The law must come down very hard on the people who are abusing the emergency services in this country.

Paramedics and ambulance drivers should wear body cameras for their own safety.

We need to ensure all people who attack the emergency service workers are jailed and not given a suspended sentence. Why should anyone who has viciously attacked any of our emergency services get away with receiving a suspended sentence?

Jackie Lewis, Pattingham

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