LETTER: Too many people for effective social distancing

A reader discusses social distancing and its viability in the UK.

New social distancing measures
New social distancing measures

It must have dawned on just about everyone by now that the social distancing measures which have, in various ways, been imposed upon us for many months, are at best, a theoretical exercise.

Sadly not a practical possibility in an attempt to substantially curtail the spread of coronavirus.

This is because the country is packed to capacity with people. It is pointless comparing our Government’s performance to those of say, New Zealand or Sweden, where both the population and the population density are so low a kid of ten could run those countries.

What we should be doing is asking ourselves two basic questions; firstly, why are we still allowing completely uncontrolled numbers of immigrants to come to this country, and secondly why are we still paying people to breed?

The Government cowardly wrestles with the obvious answer to the first question because it is afraid of offending unwanted and unneeded cultures people currently flooding the country, together with the accompanying backlash, and the answer to the second question is that we need to stop all child benefit, including for existing recipients, with immediate effect.

The effect of this would be to make unbridled reproduction less attractive, and it would free up billions of pounds to be spent more profitably elsewhere.

These measures, coupled with an active deportation programme for illegal immigrants to the country, would radically alter the social thinking of people in taking a greater degree of responsibility for their own actions, and may go some considerable way to allowing us to tackle what is clearly going to become a long-haul process in changing our way of life in our attempts to tackle this infection in an island where we already live shoulder to shoulder.

Clive Potts, Bilston

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