Letter: Boris gave a good interview but just can’t do the job!

It becomes clear as the months drag on that Boris is of similar ilk to the employee who is brilliant at interviews but useless when given the job. If you add to that, in his case surrounding himself with sycophants who themselves have limited talent, we now have the kind of national disaster we are experiencing.

Boris Johnson has ordered early closing at pubs in an effort to reduce social mixing
Boris Johnson has ordered early closing at pubs in an effort to reduce social mixing

1. We get daily mixed and confused messages.

2. Both the education area and especially exams have been a disaster even though there were months available to plan.

3. Unenforceable and often risible rules. It is not unknown for one to cancel out another.

4. A simplistic view and often complete lack of knowledge regarding the economics and as to how companies outside the Westminster bubble actually work (or in this case do not work).

5. An overemphasis on Covid resulting in thousands waiting for treatment for traditional killers such as cancer.

6. A belief that all that is necessary is to follow statistics and ‘the science’. Both have been proved beyond doubt to be flawed.

7. Billions have been wasted and thrown at the problem. Does anyone really believe that after restrictions were reduced, people would not go out for meals without the temptation of Rishi’s 10 quid?

8. Even though warning flags were raised worldwide, there was a lack of protective equipment etc. This was particularly bad in the case of care homes where as the most vulnerable live, it should have been obvious that ‘the science’ would have directed government to act swiftly and decisively

9. As a result of the foregoing and other mistakes too numerous to list, U.K’s projected drop in GDP of 10% will be among the highest in Western economies. Comparison might be made with say USA (4%), Eurozone (8%), Sweden (8%). This government will have brought down upon us maybe five years of unmitigated unemployment and misery and many deaths from killers other than Covid.

Alan Etheridge, Dudley

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