LETTER: Boris has dug us into a deep hole

A reader discusses Boris Johnson.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson
Prime Minister Boris Johnson

I’ve never seen a debate in Parliament like the debate about the Internal Market Bill.

It was extraordinary because British MPs debated whether the UK should break international law.

I never thought that I would see that, and I certainly don’t want to see it again. Honesty, keeping our word, rule of law – all out of the window.

It’s also extraordinary as the Prime Minister brought this bill forward because he sees problems with the EU Withdrawal Agreement and says we need an insurance policy. Fair enough if somebody else had been in charge of the Withdrawal Agreement. But it’s Boris’s agreement. So he’s suggesting that the UK should trash its integrity and its international reputation because he no longer likes his own agreement.

He’s suggesting that our first action on the world stage as we strike out again as an independent power, should be to break a treaty. Hardly likely to encourage potential allies or trading partners!

Even worse, it’s the deal that he sold to the country ten months ago to get re-elected. A fantastic deal, an oven ready deal. And he and every single Conservative MP campaigned on the basis that this deal would solve our problems and get Brexit done. And now it’s such a bad deal that the vast majority of Conservative MPs voted to break international law to override it.

So did Johnson lie to the British people ten months ago in order to get elected? Did he think it was a bad deal then? And if he didn’t think it was a bad deal then, why not? Either he lied to the British people, or he and his colleagues are so incompetent that none of them knew what was in his oven ready deal. Either way, he’s dug us into a big hole.

Judith King, Walsall

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