Letter: Parking problem as cars increase

Nowadays the car seems to be the most important thing in people’s lives. Some would prefer to go without food rather than lose the car. So parking is becoming a real problem.

Traffic chaos
Traffic chaos

Some families living in a terraced house where there is only room for one car, have three or more. Sometimes they buy a car for each of the children when they reach 18.

I do not have one and I am lucky enough to have a drive which is used regularly by at least five members of my family, and I do have a battle trying to prevent people from parking across it, although most of my neighbours try not to.

At weekends, my road is just a huge car park. They are on front gardens and there is not a space anywhere. Two or three houses are for sale, and when the new people move in where on earth will they park? Especially when some of the properties are turned into flats.

I feel very selfish having a drive when people are so desperate, but I really do need it. Most days someone visits me. I am 93. With this awful virus the car will be used more than ever.

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