LETTER: A terrible message for our children

A reader discusses the messages being sent to children during the coronavirus pandemic.

School children.
School children.

I understand you are, and will be, publishing articles around the complete and utter mess we are entering into and mainly around PHE. Poor messaging and schools in particular being a grave concern for me as a parent of children who attend primary school, secondary school and college.

PHE messages aimed at the young to not kill your “grandparents” – the increase is clear in 10-19 age groups testing positive – what a complete and utter poor message to children being forced into all school settings with no social distancing measure in place, forced to use public transport to attend these settings and expect there to not be a problem as they will be washing hands. Didn’t we try that in February and March?!

I have already had my six-year-old ask me “Why can I hold my friend’s hand in school but can’t hug Nan?” I’m lost for words, how can I answer that question to a six-year-old when as an adult I don’t understand why social distancing in schools is not required?

Gavin Williamson advised us all that school was safe but then quoted statistics from June and July when schools were running at less that 20 per cent capacity and social distancing was enforced. My local school was allowed seven in a class.

In the UK there have already been 300-plus schools that have reported positive cases and had partial years isolate and entire years told not to go to school.

Are the Government and Gavin Williamson seriously telling me in the past few months a better plan couldn’t have been introduced rather than Big Bang? When offices wouldn’t allow 30 people to work without social distancing, but it is ok for children who are our future?

Just shows a complete and utter disregard to their mental well-being and health. Why, as a country that should pride itself of the use of technology, are we not using options like a rota system with home learning for a period of time and in class learning? It feels, with thought, schooling could have been planned with far more consideration, allowing school sites to run at 50 per cent capacity with classrooms running with some social distancing. We already proved in June and July that schools can be made safe.

Ben Williams, Wednesbury

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