LETTER: Get basics right before you set off

A reader discusses bike riding.

Pictured, sunny cycling
Pictured, sunny cycling

There is a lot of publicity at the moment about how cycling is becoming popular again.

As an ex-cyclist, 81 years of age but various aliments have caused me to be less active, but I am still interested.

Most of the new bikes are being obtained from outlets other that cycling shops. So no one is bothering with the fundamentals. You do not just get a bike and ride it without “setting it” up properly.

I have seen numerous people riding with their heels on the pedals, the saddle so low that they are riding with their knees hitting their chests. They are riding such big gears that cycling becomes a chore not a pleasure. Think about these things, and your enjoyment of riding will be increased.

Our eldest son, Christopher, now lives in Alabama, USA. We are in regular contact with him via Skype. He frequently tells us of incidents when he sees people riding “wrong”. When he has “put them right”, he sees many later who say “Thank you for your advice’!

Peter Cole, Kingswinford

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