LETTER: Pitfalls of working from home?

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A reader discusses working from home.

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I am learning from the media that a large number of people are now working from home, (I have to rely on this as I have no way of finding out for myself).

This may have some benefits both to the person themselves and society generally; no travel time, less vehicle on the road, less crowded public transport etc. Are there however pitfalls in this practice? Can I say it comes as a shock when the unexpected happens?

1)If in rented residential property is this a contravention of the tenancy agreement?

2)Will the household insurance be null and void unless one informs the insurer of the arrangement?

3) Is one covered by employment law and health and safety?

4) Could ones property bed regarded as commercial premises? (needing to pay business rate tax)

5) Those who are purchasing their property may be in contravention of the mortgage agreement

6) Anyone outright owning and those on a mortgage could have an unforeseen bill when selling. HMRC could declare that 'X' amount of the property has been used for commercial purposes and is liable to Tax. A £200,000 house might have a bill of say £7000/£8000.


There may be other things I haven't mentioned. We often do things without investigating any hidden problems

D Winterborn, Brierley Hill

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