LETTER: The buck stops with Government for crisis failings

A reader criticises the government's reaction to coronavirus.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson
Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, the Tories have made a complete mess of the way they have handled the whole pandemic.

We have the highest death rates in Europe, people were not tested when coming into the UK, there was a lack of PPE for staff working in front line services, lockdown was introduced far too late, patients were dumped into care homes without being tested, and the world-beating test and trace system that Boris claimed would be up and running by June 1 was a total failure and a waste of taxpayers’ money.

The Tories were warned by the WHO that test and trace was the most effective way to control the virus, but unlike other countries they did not listen. And have now had to put the test and trace app in the hands of Google and Apple.

They also insisted that there was no proof that wearing a mask would make any difference. So why after four months have they insisted that people who do not wear one whilst shopping, may be fined up to £100? The policy is ludicrous, arbitrary, unworkable and unfair. Where are the police coming from to enforce the policy.?

But what is really unfair about it is, drunks will be face-to-face in pubs, and holidaymakers will congregate in large numbers on beaches without being forced to wear a mask!

After several U-turns on the virus, the Government has decided to pass the buck and put further outbreaks in the hands of cash-strapped local authorities, so they can blame them if things go wrong. This is surely the sign of an incompetent government that has lost control of the virus.

And my message to the Tories is this – The responsibility of Government for the acts of local authorities is absolute. They cannot delegate responsibility or blame, the buck stays with them!!

Paul Witton, Cannock

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