Letter: Lack of manners made my shopping trip a nightmare

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It’s not been the best of days – I arrive in Wolverhampton by taxi alighting in Garrick Street and realise I’ve forgotten my shopping trolley, which causes me to reflect on a promise from Mr Roger Watts to supply me with a horse and cart when going shopping – that never materialized.

Shoppers out for a bargain

This means I am unable to obtain cat food, dog treats and cleaning products – I am unable to carry such items. Luckily, I can still obtain my dog’s food, fresh chickens, pasta and my food as they will be delivered to my home.

Standing first in the queue waiting for 9am opening with face masked and hands gloved, plus hand sanitiser in my pocket, doors open on time then pushing and shoving, almost knocked to the floor by a multitude of customers not wearing any protective gear – it’s as if I’m invisible!

It’s an absolute nightmare to reach provisions I am in need of, no such thing as social distancing – no manners, so ignorant. I may be invisible, insignificant to these people, but the bruises I now carry are not.

Thankfully I’m at the till only to be told “You shouldn’t have those gloves on they are filthy and you will have contaminated everything you have touched”, yes they are wet having got items from the freezers – everything I had handled I was about to purchase!

The bus driver on my return journey however, thanked me for wearing a mask and gloves. Good job I did – on reaching home I realised I’d forgotten to put my false teeth in my mouth!

Kath Hill


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