LETTER: British economy was in decline until we joined EU

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A reader believes he British economy was until they became a member of the European Union.

British economy was in decline

Although it was nearly 60 years ago, I was told that I had an IQ of over 150. However, something has clearly gone wrong because I can’t make head nor tail of Ron Goodall’s letter of June 11.

Ron says that I have not explained why the remain vote dropped to 48 per cent in the referendum. Surely anyone who reads my letters will know that I blame it mostly on Dominic Cummings.

Coincidentally, Ron, I mention his brainwashing in a letter on the same page as yours. The two main planks in Dominic Cummings’ campaign didn’t include the words – in our opinion, according to sources or even it is our belief. They said we are sending the EU £350 million a week and Turkey is joining the EU, both obviously untrue and both in my view fraudulent. Post referendum polls also show that many people didn’t vote because they thought Remain had it in the bag.

The other thing I can’t work out in Ron’s letter is his reference to Martin Bormann setting up numerous companies. If you are suggesting that these companies rebuilt post war Germany I am afraid you are well wide of the mark. It was the USA’s Marshall plan and it’s huge investment in Western Europe (around $150 billion at today’s rate). This is what Germany most benefited from and it was arranged to counter the growing land ambitions of the USSR. If you are suggesting that these companies are going to provide the platform for German domination, again you are well off the mark. China and India now have billions invested around the globe and they wouldn’t let it happen.

I have read numerous history books about modern Britain and without exception everyone said that our economy and social fabric was declining until we joined the EU. We lost about 20 per cent of our share of world trade between the end of WW2 to 1975. Why didn’t Dominic Cummings mention this Ron? Why didn’t he mention the fact that we will now have to compete against the whole of Asia rather than just Japan our principal Asian competitor until we joined the EU?

Dominic Cummings is a rogue salesman in my opinion Ron, and he managed to sell us a car on the basis that it would do up to 140 mph without telling us that we could only do that if Ferrari or BMW fitted a new engine.

Roger Watts, Walsall


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