LETTER: Government must be brought to book over coronavirus actions

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A reader urges others not to forget the government's failings over coronavirus.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson

There are two letters in the E&S, 21 May, that I find quite chilling. Clive Potts says that we are exaggerating the Covid-19 figures by including the Covid-19 deaths of the very old and those who had underlying health conditions.

What next Clive, shall we get rid of anyone who is a bit of a burden to make sure we breed the master race?

On 1 May, the Government announced that 28,000 people had died due to Covid-19. When death certificates were counted 36,000 mentioned Covid-19 and when the number of deaths beyond the normal for the same period were counted it was over 50,000. There is no doubt that the incompetence of this Government has resulted in tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths just as the failure by American states to put in precautionary measures promptly has resulted in 54,000 unnecessary deaths.

Vietnam put in precautionary measures a month before the WHO declared Covid-19 a pandemic. Vietnam has had a few hundred cases and no deaths. Had this Government had the intelligence to check they would have found that Vietnam was the most successful country in dealing with SARS.

There is no way that the casual attitude of this Government can be brushed under the carpet. If they are found to have been incompetent they have to go before it is also they who destroy our economy, which brings me on to the next letter from Keith Jones. According to him, no matter what the state of our post Covid-19 economy is, no matter how strong or weak our businesses are, no matter what other parts of our society get damaged, no matter how many are unemployed and on benefits, we have to do a deal or no deal by the pre Covid-19 arranged leaving date. That is just plain irresponsible. Businesses will need a substantial length of time to recover from all of this; if we don't give them time to regroup they will simply shut up shop and lay off tens of thousands of workers and billions will be withdrawn from UK businesses and put to work elsewhere.

Roger Watts, Walsall


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