LETTER: Can we get on with more important things?

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A reader questions the continued questioning of Dominic Cummings.

Dominic Cummings

Seeing the vicious attacks on the Prime Minister's principal adviser, Dominic Cummings, reminds me of a poster I saw 60 years ago. It showed a cartoon character looking over his shoulder with the following lines underneath: 'Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you'.

If this is payback somehow for perceived or received slights in the past is for the consciences of the media writers who pen the pieces used as headlines by the majority of the media - led by the left leaning Guardian and Daily Mirror newspapers - to honestly admit, or is it just because he's obviously a 'nasty Tory' who tells the rest of us what to do while doing as he wants himself? Or just another attack on our Government by the left wing media?

Yes Mr Cummings disregarded the instructions given to us all regarding avoiding contact with others. Yes he drove 200+ miles from London to his parents home up north. But he was concerned for his child. Over 30 years ago one of my children had an accident, I drove to the nearest hospital and, more than likely, exceeded the speed limit. Because I was very concerned for my child's wellbeing. Had anyone criticised me afterwards I would probably have replied using some Anglo Saxon words among my phraseology. All I cared about at that time was my child. So maybe I'm a bit biased, but it does give me the right to comment on Mr Cummings' action. It gives me some empathy for his actions, it doesn't make them right - nor did it make my actions right those years ago - he, probably, didn't consider all the implications of his actions beforehand. But by the time you do that it might, just, be too late while you ponder and think deeply about your actions.

One thing to consider, who was the 'whistle blower' who 'grassed up' Mr Cummings in the first place? Was it just a voluntary action on their part or was there some other reason, be it political or for monetary consideration from the media? Whatever, I don't really want to know, all I know for sure is that whoever it was has now had their Andy Warhol 15 minutes of fame, now let's let it lie and get back to more important things, like securing our final exit from the EU and dealing with the economy when this virus is tackled and beaten.

M Gough, Wombourne


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