LETTER: How long before we're all charged?

Readers' letters | Published:

A reader questions charges imposed on drivers.

Pedestrians cross the road at the congestion charge point

I see it hasn’t taken long to start collecting tax on motorists in London, misleading the motorist by the government telling them not to use public transport and to go back to work.

Most people have to commute by train and bus and now they use their cars only to be hit by a rise in congestion and other charges. Congestion charge by each from £13-£15 plus the other charge. Nice one Mr Mayor.

One wonders how long before we are all subject to charges aimed at motorists; parking fines etc. We all know income tax will go up to cover the coronavirus cost, but so long as we are told the correct information, and not manipulated.

Mr K Dainty, Wolverhampton


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