LETTER: Lockdown brings people together

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A reader says lockdown has brought the nation together

Residents at Market Square, Wolverhampton, gather and clap, to support 'clap for our carers'.

“Don’t do as we do, do as we say”, so the Government rules. The very same rulers who have caught coronavirus. I noted that in Parliament a few weeks ago all the front benchers were shoulder to shoulder.

But the one good thing about this current lockdown is that it has brought the population together. A few weeks ago no one spoke to strangers passing along the footpath, nowadays most of us say good morning or afternoon and thank you for keeping a sensible distance. Even people walking their dogs, the dogs give a friendlier woof, they have a sixth sense, I am sure.

I have simple tastes, and sitting in my back garden at Sunday dinner time I see the bus go by on its way to Codsall and the Bull Inn, simple cheap pleasure, but I miss it. That brings to mind something on a news item recently where it showed a Staffordshire brewery pouring beer away down the drain, lots of other waste as well.

Fingers crossed for return to my uneventful but happy normal life again. We do not appreciate what we had until we lose it.

G Griffiths, Bilbrook


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