LETTER: Investigate coronavirus source

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A reader calls for an investigation into the source of coronavirus.

Coronavirus needs to be investigated.

If it is true that this awful coronavirus emanated from a source in China then the World Health Organisation (WHO) should be investigating this immediately. We need to know where, when and how it started, what measures were taken to control it, can it be stopped and what guarantee that it cannot happen again.

This awful virus has already claimed thousands of lives so far across the world and hundreds of people are dying daily. Economies have been destroyed, thousands of people out of work, businesses have closed due to the measures we are instructed to take by the government which involves self isolation at home, social distancing, shopping problems, attending funerals of loved ones, visiting relatives, closure of dentists, hairdressers, pub closures, cinemas, restaurants, retail shops, and any none food shops etc. in an effort to safeguard our health.

Whatever China do in their own country is their own business including their unusual diets and awful animal markets but when a virus is detected and released it quickly affects so many people and countries and is now a pandemic and out of control as is happening today. Thousands of people are dying daily and hospitals, NHS staff and doctors are fighting hard to control the virus to save lives and everyday people are afraid of contracting this disease.

To date no comments or apologies have been received from China which is disgraceful and China should be taken to task by the WHO over the whole Coronavirus situation - but don’t hold our breath!

John Edwards, Norton


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