LETTER: Government will be caught out

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A reader believes the Government may be caught out.

A reader believes the Government may be caught out

The average wage in the UK is £500 per week, the living wage is £10 per hour or £400 per week, the poverty level is £7 per hour or £280 per week, and the basic state pension is £168 per week, so why does the government expect pensioners to survive on less than half the living wage when peers receive £315 a day for approving the lowest pension in Europe? Well done them, I say, as they care very little for you or I when Europeans receive £500 per week basic.

The Lords have just received a rise, the MPs have also and pensioners have received a rise, which was taken away from them by the council tax rise, the free TV licence, inflation rise of 2.7 per cent, various tax rises in the budget.

Well done Rishi, brilliant example of trickery. Remember today’s employed are tomorrow’s pensioners and governments last but five years until they have been caught out by the voters.

True demons the lot of them, and it matters not who you vote for because one lot spends out and the other increases.

Shame on the banks, MPs, peers and civil servants who support these policies. Remember, today’s workers are tomorrow’s pensioners. Look forward to the future and enjoy your retirement, you deserve it, but you won’t be well off, governments will ensure.

M Cooper, Wolverhampton


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