LETTER: Immigration won't be curtailed by Brexit

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A reader predicts large-scale migration to the UK.

I've long questioned the reasoning behind the massive new house building programme currently being undertaken in Britain in general, and England in particular.

Especially since statistics tell us that deaths outnumber births in recent years.

Then, the Government's new points system plan for immigration confirmed by greatest fear.

They say that the intention is, rather than attracting all and sundry low wage, low skilled workers from Europe, as at present, the new plan will attract "the brightest and the best from around the world".

However, the facts suggest differently. The current minimum yearly salary requirement for new immigrants has been reduced from £35k to £25, hardly the "brightest and the best" I would have thought.

Certain jobs, such as teachers and nurses won't even have to earn this basic salary. The ability to speak and understand English, as we all know, is wide open to cheating.

Leaving the EU isn't going to curtail immigration at all, and it was never Johnson's intention. On the contrary, over the next decade I believe we will see immigration from across the world, on a scale never before witnessed in Britain, and I fear for the future of our children.

John Davenport, Wednesfield


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