LETTER: What happened to banks caring about their customers?

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A reader says banks are no longer competitive and show "utter disregard" for their customers.

I am at a loss to find a reason why the Government is urging pensioners, who have their pension paid into the Post Office account, to have it transferred to a bank, although the contract with the Post Office does not expire until 2022, and are quite happy with this arrangement.

The banks are no longer the friendly service they once were, and due to the indifference they show to their customers now do not deserve the respect they once had.

They are closing their doors and counters with utter disregard of the inconvenience and concern of their customers.

You can of course, text them or phone them if you are happy to wait, or just push your cash into the hole in the wall. How uncouth can one get?

The truth is that the elderly population no longer builds up their nest eggs in the banks, and the younger generation do not bother to save, there is no point, although the banks are making billions of pounds out of credit card accounts and bankrolling loan sharks.

They pay no interest to their savers. Their excuse is that the rate is low. This is of course, a red herring. The rate they charge their creditors is 2000% higher.

This is why they can pay fat cat salaries to their top brass executives, who put their money in offshore accounts. How crafty is that?!

The banks are no longer competitive and due to an inert government, have been allowed to develop into a closed group syndicate, and the Government is still willing to bail them out when they mess up.

C W Blakeway, Oldbury


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