LETTER: Does anyone else remember the Wolverhampton stagecoach?

A reader shares her family memories and appeals for more information about the Wolverhampton stagecoach.

A stage coach in Worfield. Do you have information about one seen in Wolverhampton?
A stage coach in Worfield. Do you have information about one seen in Wolverhampton?

In response to recent letters regarding the historical reported sightings of a stagecoach in the Wolverhampton area, I am able to provide the following information as told to me by my mother during my childhood.

My mother was born in 1919 and lived in a house in direct sight of the A41 within the Moxley area.

She informed me that during her time in that house she saw the stagecoach travel along the A41 on a number of occasions.

The coach driver and the coach men were dressed in traditional mail coach drivers uniforms complete with top hats.

As the stagecoach approached the village of Moxley the post horn was sounded.

This, she informed me was a once-a-year annual event to commemorate the London to Holyhead mail delivery service route.

Unfortunately, I have no information as to the date or years in which this took place except that it would be sometime between 1919 and 1948 when mother moved to another area.

I personally remember that the now demolished blocks of flats on the Holyhead Road, Wednesbury, used to have an artwork on the wall of a stagecoach and an inscription giving details of the original stagecoach mail service between London and Holyhead.

I do hope that this artwork was saved when the flats were demolished some years ago as it should have been preserved as part of the history of the area.

It is very interesting to read that other residents of the area remember seeing the stagecoach and it would be interesting to discover if any local archivists, historians or readers could give any further information or a photograph from the time of the commemorative stagecoach runs.

S Steatham, Darlaston

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