LETTER: Time to fine pedestrians who don't cross road safely

A reader asks whether it is time to start fining people for failing to follow road safety advice.

In the past few months over a hundred people have been knocked down while crossing the road.

I asked an early response and ambulance driver.

How many were on a crossing? Five or six, but the lights were green for cars.

How many were looking at a phone? At least 20.

How many were 30 or 40 feet from the safety of a crossing? About 70.

Most were wearing dark clothing and dodging between cars.

I think most of these people have got a death wish or are they just plain stupid?

Here is a money spinner for the council, why not employ some wardens to fine these fools for jaywalking?

A nice £60 fine will save their life.

Tom Wedge, Wednesfield

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