LETTER: Requirements that need to be met if MPs want my vote

Another general election. Here we go again.

Once again we have the same old format, with political parties fielding candidates and trying to attract votes based on sweeteners aimed at gullibility. It is not a question of asking the electorate what they want, but telling people what they might get – not politics for the people, but politics for the politicians.

So, want the vote? Take note:

Brexit: Deliver in accordance with the 2016 referendum result that Parliament accepted. No further delays, spoilt brat gamesmanship, self-importance and personal agenda. We said out of the EU, we mean out, we want out; enough is enough – no more stupidity.

Pensioners: Minimum requirement to maintain the triple lock, keep the bus pass and retain the free TV licence for over 75s.

In addition, increase the tax allowance to cover state pension increases so that any private pensions maintain their value. In other words don’t give with one hand and take back with the other.

Westminster: Radically reduce the number of MPs in the Commons – it is bloated and Brexit has demonstrated that too many cooks have spoilt the broth, making it unfit for purpose in its current form.

Likewise, numbers in the House of Lords need to be slashed – too many making little or no contribution for the allowances they are getting.

MPs’ salaries: Future increases to be equal to the monetary amount given to pensioners plus basic tax allowance.

The differential between both groups is already enormous and the trend has got to be stopped. Feed need not greed.

Food for thought – my requirements if you want the vote.

Les Cooper, Cannock

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