LETTER: Stop letting off fireworks, it's not even Bonfire Night

A reader bemoans the never-ending fireworks before and after Bonfire Night.

Have you had enough of fireworks being let off?
Have you had enough of fireworks being let off?

Will someone tell the idiots on The Straits that Bonfire Night was November 5?

In fact they needed reminding in October when they first started the never-ending night after night of watching their money go up in smoke accompanied by dulcet tones of bang ,bang, bang, which is supposed to be for their entertainment or amusement; the mind boggles!

Even on a filthy, rainy night such as tonight (November 10) they still find it more entertaining to carry on the incessant noise than to be indoors.

Wasn't a curfew brought out many moons ago where they should cease before 10pm?

As if any thoughtless selfish individuals were going to take any notice of that!

It's now 10.50pm as I write this and still the noise goes on and on.

Oh how I wish all stores and smaller shops would follow Sainsbury's example and ban the sales once and for all.

These people give no thought at all to the poor animals, babies, children and those who have to get up for work, yes some people do have to work on Sundays!

Maybe they would have been better spending their evening at the Charity Fundraiser Concert at Stallings Lane Kingswinford, what a fantastic production by Ve Watson the Founder and Musical Director of Chantez Choir and Vocal School.

The whole evening was one of pure joy, laughter and upliftment.

The talent of the choirs and solo artists was outstanding, they sang with such passion, it really was wonderful, then I returned home to the exploding bombs!

Maybe next year (you know who you are!) you could put your money to better use and donate the money you burn - literally! - to deserving causes and give us all some peace!

J Taylor-Blake, Dudley

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