LETTER: Time to take climate change seriously

This reader urges more action to tackle climate change.

Climate change campaigners gathered in Birmingham last month
Climate change campaigners gathered in Birmingham last month

Wildfires, extreme temperatures, storms, floods and pollution are symptoms of a climate emergency.

These are worldwide problems and ones we are becoming familiar with in this country.

Every country has a responsibility to reduce their carbon emissions.

So how are we in the UK dealing with this issue?

The answer is, sadly very little.

The Government’s target to reduce emissions to zero by 2050 has been estimated to be 50 years off target.

The committee on climate change, the Government’s official monitor, has declared that current efforts are “being run like Dad’s Army”.

Mr Johnson has not a very good track record on his response to the climate.

During his eight years of office as Mayor of London, pollution levels rose.

Currently Mr Johnson has the heavy responsibility of steering the UK out of Europe.

Let us hope he acts responsibly and reasonably in tackling Britain’s contribution to the increasing effects of the climate emergency.

Edward Davies


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