LETTER: The country's democracy is already destroyed

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A reader says that it is John Major and Jeremy Corbyn - not Boris Johnson - who have "destroyed democracy in this country".

Jeremy Corbyn wants a general election once no-deal has been ruled out

I was fascinated at the letter from Angela Russell on August 31.

If she doesn't want to live in a dictatorship, then why in the world does she want to stay in the EU, the nearest we can be to a dictatorship?

She goes on to tell us that the PM proroguing parliament is undemocratic.

It seems that Angela does not understand what proroguing means, it is the period between the end of a session of parliament and the state opening of parliament to begin the next session.

This can be and has been extended,and is not undemocratic.

John Major was the last PM to extend it but, he himself is threatening to take the Government to court to stop them doing exactly what he did himself in 1997.

The reason why Major prorogued parliament was because two MPs had been accused of taking money to ask questions in the house of commons.

There was an investigation held but before the report could be brought before parliament, John Major prorogued parliament so that the MPs could not see it until after the general elections. Is that democracy?


Democracy is for the elected parliamentary members to carry out the wishes by majority vote of the people they represent, which many of those who call themselves HONORABLE are not doing.

Major, Corbyn and others have already destroyed democracy in this country.

Angela states that a no deal was not proposed at the time of election, no it wasn't, the ballot paper said IN or OUT and the majority voted out.

Unlike A J who believes that the majority of people want a new vote, many who voted to stay in are now hoping for us to come out because they are fed up of all the trouble it is causing.

Norman Caddick



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