LETTER: Whatever the weather, fallouts are forecast over Brexit

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This Express & Star reader says Brexit is much like the weather.

Michael Fish's infamous forecast ahead of the Great Storm in 1987

For months, maybe years now, the majority of letters to the Express & Star have directly or indirectly been on the subject of Brexit.

I write this with clenched teeth as I abhor the cobbled up word. I have put in my two penny’s worth, for all the good it does.

Regular contributors to this section have been falling out over supposed facts.

The other night on television there was a programme on the weather, weather forecasting and television forecasters.

It highlighted several instances of how, just a day later, the forecast was shown to be completely wrong.

The big example showed Michael Fish assuring the public that there was no big storm about to cause havoc in the country.

This was a few years ago now and it did prove to be an incorrect forecast, based on the statistics available.

Their excuse was that it was just a forecast based on the facts that they had at the time, not a promise. I am inclined to agree with them. These things happen in all walks of life.


Brexit, Britsin, it’s just a forecast, not a promise.

Remainers and remoaners all have the facts, but no-one can correctly forecast how things will turn out.

So you lot keep arguing.

Graham Griffiths



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