LETTER: EU fear is that other countries will follow

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So, Roger Watts has added another string to his bow – he can now read minds. In the letters recently, he is telling Mick Bowen exactly what he is thinking.

Well done Roger, what is your next trick, perhaps telling us how many billions we will save when, not if, we depart from the EU? Roger tells what democracy is, I always thought that democracy was carrying out the wishes of the majority of the voters, not telling them which way they should have voted then try to reverse the vote by taking it to the high court or trying to overturn the government.

We have lefty John McDonnell who has said that a vote of no confidence in Boris would be put to parliament and that when the PM lost the vote, he would send Corbyn to the palace to tell the Queen that he was forming the Government, surely this is inciting an illegal coup which I believe is treasonable under British law?

We have Philip Hammond who says that the red lines set by the PM on the Irish backstop were so high that there is no chance of the EU making a new agreement.

These people are truly trying to destroy the chances of leaving the EU with or without a deal. Anyone who has the slightest amount of knowledge knows that you always table higher than what you will expect, or do I have higher expectations than what some of our MPs have?

Do they honestly believe that if we did change our minds now, that the EU would accept us back on terms we now have?

No chance, they would ruin us faster than if we had stayed in the first place. The only reason is, apart from the fact that our MPs told them that we wouldn’t dare leave without a deal, is that they fear other countries will want to do the same.

Norman D Caddick, Bilston


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