LETTER: Where have our political heroes gone?

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A reader pines for the days when our leaders were heroes.

From Churchill and Roosevelt to Johnson and Trump - what happened?

I am old enough to be able to remember the political heroes, who through the late 40s and early 50s, lifted this country from all of the dreadful problems we faced at the end of the worst conflict Great Britain has ever faced.

We were flat broke, we owed money all over the world, debts that were created, buying the help we needed to beat the Nazi and Japanese who were trying to conquer the world.

The Labour government under Attlee did a fantastic job getting us out of rationing, and beginning the rebuilding of our damaged cities and towns, and against the will of most of the people in health care, they created the National Health Service. Our leaders at that time were real heroes. How things have changed.

Two of our last three PMs were members of the Oxford University Bullingham club, an all male group of wealthy young men.

One of the PMs created the referendum to vote to leave the EU, the other one led the campaign to leave, and used information which has proved to be untrue. Cameron voted to remain and when the vote was to leave, he resigned.

I'm not a Tory but I felt really sorry for May when she became PM, she too had voted to remain and was saddled with the task of getting us out of Europe, I admired the way she handled herself doing an impossible task.

There is another union of 50 separate states that has been a wonderful success, the United States of America. If one of those states decided to leave the union, does anyone believe the other 49 states would give them a great exit? If we leave, those 27 European states will not do us any favours, May was always on a good hiding to nothing.

If we leave without a deal we will be on bad terms with 27 European neighbours. How will that help us non millionaires?


Boris is already promising to cut the taxation paid by some very well paid people in our society, the top 12 per cent of the people earning more than £50,000 each year will benefit, do they have a very important need to be helped, like the people in our society who rely on charity food kitchens?

46.5 million people were registered to vote, but only 72 per cent in fact voted in the referendum, so 13,000,000 weren't bothered enough to vote. I believe a new vote would see us remain.

Boris reminds me of his friend Donald Trump, it’s scary that these two men hold office with so much power.

A Hadley



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