LETTER: Politicians have selective memories

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I cannot help but be constantly amazed at the stupid comments that come out of the mouth of political party leaders.

Newly-elected Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson (right) and Welsh Liberal Democrat leader Jane Dodds (left) celebrate after the Liberal Democrats won the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election

They do all seem to have either very short memories or very selective ones.

Let us look at the Liberal Democrats, the name they use. However, they now appear to be flying in the face of democracy by stating they will do all they can to Stop Brexit happening. Thereby putting up the proverbial two fingers to the democratic vote that took place across the whole of the United Kingdom in 2016.

I would suggest that they really should be putting the blame on the shoulders of their former leaders Mr Cable and Mr Clegg for not putting the message over very well. Mr Blackford the SNP Leader at Westminster has been calling for another referendum for sometime. I would point out that he has had two referendums already and lost them both.

What is more I do seem to recall the SNP saying they would not vote on matters that concerned English Constituency – that did not last either did it Mr Blackford.

Then of course last but by no means least we have the short memories of Mr Corbyn who said in PMQs that Mr Johnson had no mandate from the people.

We know his Deputy Tom Watson is ignoring the referendum and now it would appear that Mr Corbyn can no longer remember it taking place in 2016.

Yes as with the Liberals perhaps bad management within the Labour Party is the real villain of the piece by failing to make your argument for staying.

Mr Corbyn mentioned that Mr Johnson had not been elected at a General Election well let us cast our minds back and ask didn’t Gordon Brown take over from Tony Blair without a General Election in 2007 and that was not a contest contested within the Labour Party.


Mr Corbyn cannot recall the 2016 Referendum result, which both the Conservative and Labour parties agreed to honor.

But if Mr Corbyn cannot remember 2016 what chance is there he will remember the happening of some nine years prior?

Once again a selective memory I suspect.

Ewart J Johnson



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