LETTER: Why should prisoners get free TV licence?

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This Express & Star reader wants to tackle the TV licence conundrum.

Should prisoners still be able to watch TV?

An interesting thought comes to mind regarding free TV licences for the over-75s.

As these are likely to be withdrawn in 11 months, surely the whole charging system needs reviewing.

One area could be HM Prisons where I believe each cell has its own television.

Why should the taxpayer fund this? If an individual wants a TV in their cell, they should be expected to pay for a licence.

For general purposes the prisons could have one or more TV rooms (no charge) and only available on the basis of a reward for good behaviour.

Any other ideas for TV licence charges or otherwise?

State pensioners usually receive 2.5 or three per cent pay rises per year.

It averages about £2.75 to £3 – enough for a bag of chips with scraps. So, in 2020, the pay rise will just about pay for a TV licence for the over-75s.


An MP getting a three per cent rise on £80,000 per annum could buy 15.5 TV licences – it amounts to £2,400.

As the Government is the architect behind the over-75s paying for a TV licence to save the Treasury £746 million, I wonder which part of society will benefit from this windfall.

Alan Davis



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