LETTER: Shall we just get on with it all now?

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This Express & Star reader tells Theresa May's successor to get on with leaving the EU.

Theresa May during this week's Prime Minister's Questions

Why not just count the Boris votes now and get to work on Brexit replacement?

Theresa May-Hem will now go down in history as Theresa Delay-Hem, as the votes on the new Prime Minister have already been sent back in the post and it looks like Boris has won.

Why not just count the votes today and if Boris is already first past the post, and there are not enough votes left to change today’s result why waste more time until July 23 for a final count?

Get Boris in and get to work on the replacement for Theresa Delay-Hems Brexit Constitution EU deal.

Hopefully, under Boris we will finally see the end of the dreadful and pointless Brexit word being replaced by Toast, or mindfulness, managed independence no-dealfulness or mindexit.

With the end of Theresa Delay-Hems premiership and Brexit means Toast, what will happen to Nigel’s – Son of UKIP’s, new Brexit party?

Surely not even the Brexit party will campaign to re-float the sinking Brexit constitution EU deal.

Maybe it’s time for a new turncoat party system for politicians that leave the party colours they were elected under to join another party on a whim, a bit like a naughty step, to all sit on together until the next election.


Or maybe even adopt the same rules as football, where each team only has a set window to transfer players. Political parties could only have one month per year to transfer MPs around the House of Commons.

Labour needs to see if the fence-sitting will get any Labour MPs re-elected or not, a sight that would bring a smile to the nation’s face if there is a full prorogation of the Parliament.

The TV cameras would show an empty House of Commons except for John Bercow behind the locked doors shouting ‘Order, Order out there, you can’t come back in until we have left the EU’ .

Gordon Edward Fanthom


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