LETTER: Some context needed on Royals’ home expenditure

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Though Cromwell is long dead, it seems that we still have an abundance of his followers bemoaning the expenditure on the new home for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

The Duchess and Duke of Sussex

To put this dispense of public funds into context we need to realise that the government and various public bodies spend a vast amount more refurbishing their various offices and consulates.

A recent report in this paper by your business editor, John Corser, related to the 2018 Treasury boost by the Crown Estate to the Treasury of some £348 million, the sum spent on the renovation is less than one per cent of this amount.

I would argue that this figure could easily be tripled in value if account is taken of the value that our monarchy brings to this country every year.

I would perhaps have more sympathy with these critics if the rest of the wealthy people in this country contributed a similar amount to our national coffers instead of squirrelling away their assets in offshore accounts.

John Chamberlain

Great Barr


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