LETTER: EU set-up does not help the climate

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I recently responded to letters from Mr Roger Watts, who has continually told us that his facts are well thought out and arrived at after great experience working in industry.

One bus slogan led to the referendum result?

This is fair enough but for some reason, only his facts are true and positive, and anyone who disagrees with him is telling lies.

As I pointed out in my May letter, to base your truth on a slogan written on the side of a bus seems to me naïve.

Yet, Mr Watts makes this a cornerstone of his so-called lies underlined by Brexiteers.

In his reply to my letter he even tells us: “The false slogan/promise of £350 million a week, without which Leave would not have won the referendum, tells us all we need to know about Leavers’ facts.”

Really? How insulting! One bus slogan led to the referendum result!

In his letter, Mr Watts again engages us with a self-eulogy of how he knows best, and how his work, bestriding the industrial heart of Europe gives him a unique voice to speak on Brexit.

In his many letters, Mr Watts has yet to mention a single negative on the subject of the EU.

I brought one up: namely that once a month EU governance is moved from Brussels to Strasbourg for four days at enormous cost, this is a fact and a great waste of time, money and energy.


This is to satisfy the French (The EU was their idea). However, Mr Watts ignores any awkward questions and just beats his own drum.

I now turn my attention to Mr Watts’ new hobby horse; Climate Change.

Perhaps he would like to comment on the convoy of people and materials that have to be moved via plane, rail and road from Brussels to Strasbourg and back again, and the effect this has on our climate.

Over to you.

Mr R Twynam, Codsall


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