LETTER: More than a free bus pass - Remember what generations contributed to society

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I watched the BBC programme ‘Ambulance’ where crews attended an address.

Will the free bus pass for pensioners soon be scrapped?

A 93-year-old lady had fallen and been on the floor all night.

While the crew was assessing her, in the conversation the lady mentioned quite casually that she had served in the RAF during the Second World War and had been posted in Egypt.

The camera picked up the state of the rooms.

It could easily be seen that the lady had little to no furniture in other rooms except in the bedroom where it appeared this is where she was living.

Thankfully the lady was taken to hospital and treated.

I then realised that just the other day a peer in the House of Lords wants to take away the free bus pass, TV licence, winter fuel allowance and any other so-called freebies people of a certain age receive.

Well I say to this article of a peer, who more than likely will have never wanted for anything in his life and probably gets more from travel allowances than the people of a certain age get in a monthly pension, I say to this peer, please watch this programme and see how the people who served this country with pride and guts have been left to live out their years and probably the only benefits they receive are the free TV licence, bus pass and winter allowance.

If this is the type of gratitude this country bestows on those that have fought, worked hard and served and paid their taxes over many many years, then these peers should be ashamed of themselves and they would do well to remember that the people of a certain age contributed to keeping this land free from tyranny and dictatorship.


Is this really what we have become – an uncaring people and all that matters is saving a few pounds?

God help the young of today, for one day they will be of a certain age.

Pete Lowe

Brierley Hill


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