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Oh how my heart bled for Mr G Griffiths (E&S, May 3). He does not say when he visited the glass works but he goes on to say that he visited Morrisons and the Co-op on Easter Sunday and what a surprise, they were closed!

As shops have been on Easter Sunday as long as I can remember. Let me point out to Mr G G, it was a holy day not just a holiday but a holy day as is Good Friday.

Now perhaps Mr Griffiths does not realise that on Good Friday my Lord Jesus Christ went to the cross and on Easter Sunday He rose again. Like Christmas, Easter is now getting over commercialised, so the Christians in this country are getting very despondent with people taking away and destroying what we hold holy.

It seems that he is like many others, not satisfied with shops being open seven days a week, many 364 days a year, 24 hours a day.

The Lord’s Day being a Sunday has already been taken away as a holy day because it seems to be able to shop six days a week, 24 hours a day is not enough.

Mr Griffiths is happy to take this holy day as a holiday, fought and given to the working person to attend church. I am sure if his bosses, assuming he is in a job, no offence, told him that the time taken off from work was on the understanding that he went to church he would also complain about that.

If it wasn’t for the Christian Church the working people would have had no holiday, holy day, as this was the only time they were released from their tasks. Read Christmas Carol or history of the Victorians or Edwardians.

It is because of people with the attitude like Mr G Griffiths that this country is no longer a Christian or religious country. As Christians we have lost Christmas to the shop tills.

I ask as a practising Christian, let us please keep at least one of our true holy days.

Norman D Caddick, Coseley


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