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Demand more input – We Will Be Heard!

Recently, there’s been a lot of pompous talk from MPs about democracy. They call us voters the masters and say they are our servants. But they lock us out. During the Scottish independence referendum, powers were promised to Scotland and after it, there was meant to be an overhaul of the English political system. Where is it?

It’s nauseating to hear toffs like Rees-Mogg – who no doubt would like us all to be his servants – whingeing about democracy, while even proposing to suspend Parliament so the Government can railroad things through. Briefly, Parliament tried to take control, but now we’re getting a stitch-up between May and the Labour leadership.

The servants have screwed everything up, getting so wrapped up in Brexit that England is left ungoverned. It’s time the masters took control. Brexit was never really about ‘taking back control’, just giving powers from the EU to the braying rabble of Tory MPs and the Sir Humphrey Applebys of the civil service. We need to tell them that a vote every few years for one of two equally rubbish parties is not enough. We want a proper input. Real democracy.

Demand more – remember, there’s 650 of them and 67 million of us. Start petitions, go on marches, get MPs to your community group meetings, use Facebook, Twitter, other socials – shout in every way you can think of, ‘We Will Be Heard!’

George Wiley, Stafford


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