LETTER: Some of these MPs could be heading for the job centre

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I was amazed to hear and see Tom Watson, the Deputy Labour Party Leader and Member of Parliament for West Bromwich East, speaking at a demonstration of Brexit objectors through a megaphone saying let the people decide.

Labour Party deputy leader Tom Watson

One wonders where Tom Watson has been for the last three years or so. Tom, the people decided, they said they wanted to leave.

However, Members of Parliament who were elected to represent their electorates’ views do not appear to be able to understand this.

We had a referendum and we do not need another. The fact that on both sides politicians did not tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is not the fault of the electorate.

Yes there were people who did not have the chance to vote because they were too young, but that will still be the case in two years time if we do go through another referendum.

This of course can go on and on. Perhaps it is a remainer’s ploy?

No Tom I think one or two Members of Parliament on both sides of the House need to realise that they are only there because they were elected by their constituency. Perhaps if they do not do what they are expected to do, we could have more Independent MPs and party MPs after the next general election and one or two of those currently in office could be down their local job centre.

Ewart J Johnson



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