LETTER: A message to dog owners - take your mess back home

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I'd like to send a message out to all dog owners on Ashmore Park.

Dog bins in Sandwell

Please note parks were designed for people to walk and children to play in. They weren't specially design for your dog to use as a toilet , neither were the streets to discard your dog mess bag on nor are people's hedges to hide your dog mess back in.

Take your dog mess back home with you and dispose of it correctly, if you are not capable of doing that or are too embarrassed to do it then don't own a dog

Nobody forces anybody to own a dog you freely choose to do so, when you freely choose to do so then remember there is a responsibility that goes with dog ownership. What comes out of its rear end is your responsibility not nobody else's.

Use a bit of common sense as well, if you are walking down the street and your dog wants a go then drag it into the gutter. Because after you've clean it up you always leave residue nobody walks in the gutter but they do on the pavement.

Please don't say that you don't know when your dog is going to go, if you own a dog long enough you will know the signs.

This morning going down to the shops a mother walking her child to school had her daughter slip on some residue dog mess left by a dog owner, the girl had got it on her clothes the mother was fuming and rightly so, she had to take her back home. I find that totally unacceptable in a modern society which we claim we are living in.

If your dog messes on the pavement you're not going to be able to clean it up completely, so drag it to the grass verge or into the gutter, don't allow it to do it on the pavement where people walk, I shouldn't be writing this because it should come automatically to be respectful to other people .

Danesmore Park is a prime example the amount of irresponsible dog owners that uses Danesmore Park and don't clean up after them is unreal.


It's about time the government in fact all political parties started doing something seriously about these dog owners. Could it be the reason they don't because the majority of MPs own dogs themselves is that why they are so reluctant to do something about this serious health problem which is affecting the whole of the country.

Gary Stephenson



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