LETTER: Grow your own vow will end Brexit 'scaremongering’

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The recent ‘scaremongering’ by the remoaners tells us we could be having problems on our food tables, with salads and fruit shortages of tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, strawberries, etc, all deriving from the EU suppliers in Portugal, Spain and other sunny climes.

Grow your own

This new ‘national disaster’, apparently created by Brexit, will throw shame and disgust upon those who voted leave otherwise known as Brexiters.

This Green Armageddon will capitulate our afternoon tea tables, in Hampshire, Warwick, Worcester, the Yorkshire Dales and even the good old Cotswolds.

Apparently ship loads of fruit ‘n’ veg will be rotting in the docks, on the back of lorries for days and days.

This of course will have a double-edged sword.

The suppliers, i.e Spain, Portugal, etc, will lose out on the UK business and we will bear the brunt of our supermarket shelves and town markets stalls being without the necessary goodies of the EU providers.

Yet, wait a bit, a little bell starts ringing in the back of my nut!

Did we not eat lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, etc, prior to 1972? Of course we did, and guess where they came from?

Right here in our own back garden, namely Jersey, Guernsey....these little ‘gems’ of British fortitude supplied Great Britain for decades before ‘Fritz’ told you the ‘Fairy Story’ about the wine lakes and cheese mountains in the Common Market, before the entrapment of the EU.


Jersey was an island covered in glass greenhouses, likewise Guernsey, their sunny climes provided GB with all the fruits we required, along with all the necessary green produce for the quintessential English tea garden, in all its customary glory.

Mr M Addison



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