LETTER: Treatment of Ian Austin is a travesty

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I feel that I must make readers of the E&S aware of my observations regarding the disgraceful treatment by the Labour Party of Mr Ian Austin, MP for Dudley North.

Ian Austin, and right, Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn

I was under the firm impression that the UK has the right of freedom of speech for all of its citizens and as such that every person is allowed to state their opinion on any subject they like irrespective of whether other people agree or not.

Mr Austin was simply putting forward his viewpoint on a matter which is of great personal importance to himself.

If in the process of putting his views across the discussion became heated, that is the nature of the beast.

I don’t condone verbal abuse or swearing but this has never been proven to date.

Let us look at the matter in further detail and context. Mr Austin has the right to speak out regarding the stance taken by the Labour Party on this subject.

If he does not agree with the direction Jeremy Corbyn is taking the party he has the absolute right to say so.

How many members of the cabinet have quit their roles in protest at the policy being taken by their party?

It would appear that Mr Austin is simply now being targeted for speaking out against Jeremy Corbyn.


How many of you reading this have had a disagreement with your boss at work or have had the threat of the sack made towards you or been suspended?

Let us face it if your face doesn’t fit with a bad boss or you are not prepared to creep or become a yes man, your life can be made a total misery.

Under English law the presumption has always been innocent until proven guilty beyond all reasonable doubt.

The only fate to befall Ian Austin should be he is erased from Mr Corbyn’s Christmas card list (not that he was ever on it anyway) or suffer the eternal dirty look across the Commons from Mr Corbyn.


Ian has broad shoulders, yes indeed, but attempting to punish him for speaking out at the direction Corbyn is taking the party is a total travesty.

Pat Timmins



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