LETTER: Has country lost its moral compass?

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We are, at present, running around like headless chickens seeking answers to our present day vexations when the explanation is under our noses.

Where's the justice?

Political Correctness – a brigade that has ruined the moral compass and backbone of this country.

We have ‘children’ charged with vicious crimes and even murder who cannot be named, why not? Gangs of feral teens (which is an insult to nature, as at least in the animal kingdom, packs have a leader who enforces command over them) dominating our streets.

Children experience no discipline in their lives often spending hours on their consoles playing extreme killing games, what do we expect?

Parents cannot chastise their offspring and neither can teachers, so they grow up without any restraints, wanting respect for themselves but not willing to allow others the same prerogative.

Our legal profession has also been infiltrated with murder charges being changed to manslaughter and ridiculously lenient sentences awarded by a feeble judiciary.

Several people have been murdered by people allowed out on parole. I do not entirely blame these boards as their decisions have also been shaped by the same laissez faire attitude.

The guilty are incarcerated in five-star prisons and live a luxurious life at our expense in which they boast ‘that they can earn more selling drugs in a month than their keepers earn in a year’.

In my youth prisoners had to earn their keep by sewing mail bags and manual labour.


I am afraid that things will only get worse as we seem unable to address these issues and whilst I am fast approaching the end of my allotted span, I do fear greatly for my children and grandchildren.

It really is time that we stopped ‘featherbedding’ people, and our anxieties, and took a firm stand against the PC contingent.

I am not promoting a return to old Victorian values, but would like to see a change of attitude where children are disciplined and prisoners serve a proper ‘sentence’ rather than enjoy a holiday at public expense.

John Chamberlain

Great Barr


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